Hello friends and fans!

I’m so happy to be updating my website and working hard on getting a new CD together… I’m just in the airport in Calgary headed for Montreal for an exciting showcase with Mundial Montreal on Nov 21, 2013… The event is open to the public so please go to my events page to see how to get tickets!

In other news, I’ve updated my facebook page as well, and finally joined twitter – I’m @leelagilday It’s been an adjustment catching up with the rest of the tech-savvy world, but an enjoyable one. Now I’m just trying to think of extremely witty observations every day, although so far they’re fairly average- Twitter is sort of an art that I have yet to master… J

I’m excited to be working with Murray Pulver, an amazing producer in Winnipeg for the next record. We’re headed into the studio in the new year, and hope to roll it out by spring 2014. I have also recently moved back to the north, after a brief hiatus in the Rocky Mountains, where I became a mountain climber, and allowed myself to be inspired by the majesty around me. It was a truly awesome experience, but I’m very happy to be back home in the north with my family….

Looking forward to seeing you all down the road.

Mahsi Cho