Hey Everyone-

It’s been a while since I posted. I am not the best at social media, and trying to keep up with my music, family, friends, admin and the various projects I volunteer for or participate in is sometimes overwhelming.  I have experienced a great deal of loss in the last year, and have made my mental and physical health a priority. I’m just now starting to breathe properly again and am excited to share some of the new songs, directions, and insights that life has brought me.

Singing is a beautiful and powerful thing. I have found it to be a healing force in my life. And I seek to spread that joy and love with my audiences and colleagues.

So this evening I am thinking of all of you that are having a hard time, wishing for something good, and I am sending out good energy across the universe to you. I hope my music can bring some of what you need- whether that is love, connection, light, or a good cry into your life.